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An Indigenous Perspective of Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

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(Peripheral Vision, Expanded Awareness)


Hakalau is the means for entering a positive, relaxed state of expanded awareness at will, with many applications in life. 

Hakalau is a basic Hawaiian value. Really, a basic value of indigenous people around the world.  How do we view the world?  Tunnel vision or big picture? Big picture, of course! That’s not a metaphor. It’s a physical reality. Meaning, that when you physically look out at the world (looking at anything) you should be in peripheral vision, Hakalau.

While in Hakalau, you physiologically open the mind to possibilities. It then becomes physically impossible for you to hold on to a negative emotion or negative thought.

Have you ever had a problem that you were stuck in? That you couldn’t see any possibility, let alone solution? Everything in your life seemed to be a problem. You couldn’t see any solution because negative emotions hold you in the problem.  Hakalau, when used correctly, assists you in seeing possibilities.  Seeing the problem for what it is.  Normally, it’s not as big as you thought it was.

Hakalau is one of the skill sets we will teach you. How to use it correctly so you can be in a positive state of mind when going through the challenges of life.

There are different levels to Hakalau. First, it’s the “seen”, then the “un-seen”. The “seen” is just seeing the big picture. The “un-seen” is listening to your inner knowing (na’au), connecting you to spirit or sensing your ancestors for guidance.

The kaona (deeper level meaning) for Hakalau is from Uncle George Naope.

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